Product Features

Power of Engineering

Programming logic allows you to learn through making it. Most suitable from learning through open source Andruino control board. The perfect entry level scientific servo control toy: ROBOHERO.

Perfect Size as Your Robot Companion

With its height around 25cm, the RoboHero is well fitted to undergo explorations on desks, floors, or any other surroundings. It is also a good size to entertain your pets or toddlers. The RoboHero will be your best companion and add color for you through the daily grind.

Control your ROBOHERO by APP

The meticulously designed phone app allows you to easily edit and program settings. You don’t even need any cables, computers and accessories to make action edits.

Product Video

Plenty of default actions and robot moves
loaded to mobile app and conveniently commanded by just a finger press of a button.
You can learn as you go and learn to create your own special set of actions.

17 Movable Joints with Steady, Fluid Motions

Whether it’s walking, bowing, danching or just standing upright, the ROBOHERO is well-equipped with high torque servomotors that can execute any of your orders with precision.

The ROBOHERO can operate for 45 mins from a full charge and the battery level indicator on the chest will light up to signify the need of a charge, so you don’t need to worry about not knowing when your companion runs out of battery.

Bow & Attention

Pass & Balance

Stength & Warm up

Clap & Pray


Stand up & Get up


Main Controller RoboHero V3.0
(Arduino IDE Compatible)
Dimension H230 x W80 x D115 (mm)
Weight 500g
Servo Torque :
Speed : 0.12sec/60°
Battery 7.2V/550mAh Lithium Capacitor Battery included
Remote Control ESP-Wroom-02 WiFi



Control your ROBOHERO with APP for iOS & Android devices.