e-MTA G2 Monster Truck-Thunder Tiger

Monster Truck with Racing Excitement !
The new e-MTA G2 now equips the latest design of driven hub with racing wheels & tires which ensures power transmission without slipping between hub and wheel. The power of eMTA is beyond your imagination.


IBL40/20 Powerful B/L Motor

e-MTA G2 is mounted ACE RC 1/8 high performance brushless motor which is emphasized on its Green-Powered.
  • - Outer Diameter: 40mm
  • - Length: 74mm
  • - 2000 KV
  • - Continuous Current: 75A Peak Currenty: 150A
  • - 5mm Heavy Duty Shaft
  • - Sensorless


8 big bore oil shocks

These high-quality oil shocks have 13.4 mm outside body, 3mm shafts, 11mm pistons. The high volume of the body features more consistent damping. The rocker-arm and push-rod type linkage moving them inboard, protecting them from rocks, dirt, and weather. They are big and ready to ride over the bumps and jumps thrown at them.

Lighter newly designed transmission

Newly designed e-MTA G2 transmission inherits the durability of the transmission of nitro MTA4, but much lighter. The configuration of the motor and tranny keeps the center of gravity as low as possible.


Heavy-Duty Hex Hubs

Heavy-Duty 17mm Machined Aluminum Hex Hubs and Wheel Nuts.

Inner Hexagon Cell Contraction(IHCC)

All new integrated chassis has been designed super tough but light, in which features reinforced inner hexagon cell contraction (IHCC) with added rigidity of the chassis to endure the horsepower of the brushless motor.

Waterproof metal gear digital servo

The equipped DS1510MG possess many significant features such as light weight, reliable high torque output, durable dual ball bearing and metal gears. It provides more precise control sensitivity than ever and keeps the truck working smoothly in all water terrains.

Ready to Run(RTR)

95% Assembled, Ready to Run Engine/Motor, ESC, Radio/Servos Installed. Requires Battery and Charger.

TRS403ss 2.4GHz 4CH Receiver

4-Channel 2.4GHz Mini Receiver. Ideal for helicopter, car, and boat use Easy one-touch binding Single antenna.


The new Ace RC conugar GP3 is a simple usage for hobbyists pistol radio system with the latest wireless and ACE RC advanced-programming technologies. With the unque intelligent frequency-hopping spread spectrum (iFHSS+), the radio delivers precise & reliable control without interference risks. In addition, faster encoding data and less power consumption let you have more agility and longer operation, COUGAR GP3 pistol radio system is configured for opertion the surface R/C models.

One piece battery compartment

Unique one piece battery compartment is easy for battery installation at once. The e-MTA G2 can take maximum 6S Li-Po (two 3-cells pack). Its unique quick release cover makes battery changing an easy job without using any R-clips.

Brushless Power

e-MTA G2 inherit the basic moto structure from MTA-4, IBL40/20 brushless motor is mounted on rear site with 6S lithium polymer which made speed up to 100 kmh.

ACE RC BLC-150C Performance ESC

Heavy duty ACE RC BLC-150C burshless speed controller and IBL40-2000Kv motor give the e-MTA G2 the unstoppable wheel-lifting torque and extreme quick acceleration. (Above 100KM/h when using 6S Li-Po)

Wheelbase(mm / in.)  370mm
Weight(g/ lbs.)  4820g
Length(mm / in.)  620mm
Width(mm / in.)  445mm
Height(mm / in.)  220mm
Motor  IBL40/20
2.4GHz 4WD 1比8大腳卡車 Brushless Motor Brushless ESC Off Road RTR 3CH

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