ESS-TT Engine Sound Box-Thunder Tiger

ESS-TT Engine Sound Box


ESS-TT sound system is engineered for maximum fun. The high-performance chip makes low power consumption, and you can customize or download your own sound by RC Plus program. Enjoy the auditory feast of the RC world!


Short-circuit, overload, over-current and thermally protected

Full RPM range linear sound synthesis

Advanced NDS\DTS technology

Intelligent state tracking compensation

Simulates the sound of engine, starting, brakes, blow off valve, red line fuel cut, gear shifting

More sound available from RC/Plus APP

USB updatability

Weight(g) 90 g
Size(mm) 100*57*34 mm
Amp 30W
Speaker 2” 12W
Voltage 5V~26V
Output Power 20W/3S